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Freedom EMS Services

Freedom EMS provides compassionate care and reliable medical transportation services to our valued patients and customers in the State of Illinois (Will County, Grundy County, Kankakee County and Livingston County).

We will soon offer an extensive range of emergency medical services. Our medical transportation personnel are available 24/7 and work to respond in an expedited and clinically appropriate manner.

Emergency Services

Freedom EMS seeks to provide emergency services for select communities and fire departments south of Chicago. Small municipalities and rural communities often struggle to provide emergency care for their residents due to changes in the medical industry and the rising costs of emergency vehicles, medical supplies and employee compensation. These communities can instead subsidize Freedom EMS at a fraction of their current costs and receive complete coverage or supplemental support for their residents.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

We specialize in non-emergency, scheduled transportation. We believe that one size does not fit all and that in order to differentiate our company from other private ambulance services, we had to give specialized training to our EMT’s for Dialysis, Skill Care, Rehab and surgical patients. Our patients and their caregivers can take comfort in the fact that our staff are specifically trained and focused to handle any medical issues that may occur under our care.

Freedom EMS is prepared to meet the increased demand for non-emergency ambulance services due to the growing number of specialized treatment and out-patient facilities, skill care facilities and home health care agencies.


Please call today for more information or to schedule a transport:

(815) 926-2022